For landscape grass both residential and commercial areas, GRASS INNOVATED is a landscape solution owned and managed form the same SPORT VISION ASIA GROUP.

GRASS INNOVATED developed and marketed a new type of artificial grass fibers from  grass, specially designed to be indistinguishable from real grass. The underlying philosophy was the people increasingly have less time to spend time on maintaining their gardens, yet till want the peace and tranquility that grass provides.


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    SPORTS VISION ASIA (SVA) SVA is a trading firm,specialize in artrficial grass products has been estabished in 2012 as a dealer of greenfield b.v. and the first thai company to spec...

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    WHY CHOOSE GRASS INNOVATED ? That’s a question we will gladly answer. We strongly believe in high standards for quality, sustainability and pleasure. Of course, we know that you wi...
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