At GreenFields, we do not want to be just another supplier of synthetic turf products. We want to produce products with true value-added appeal and deliver those products in a way that fortifies the bond we share with our customers. Our products consistently and continuously outstrip all of the competition in terms of safety, quality, and durability. Our company serves the highest segment in our market delivering products that are innovative and expertly designed, and we do it with an unwavering commitment to quality. We extend that commitment not just to huge international sports organizations, but to smaller community-level and municipal projects where dreams of becoming a professional athlete are born and realized as well.

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    To bring innovation and quality to sports turf technology for the good of both the players and the game by continually developing new high-tech turf systems.

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    One of the many things that sets the sports world apart is how it unifies, thrills, challenges and inspires people. The thrill of victory and agony of defeat are languages which ...

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    When GreenFields decided it was time to expand into the United States, we did so with confidence. We knew that while we were still a relatively small player in our industry, we ha...
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