One of the many things that sets the sports world apart is how it unifies, thrills, challenges and inspires people. The thrill of victory and agony of defeat are languages which are spoken across many linguistic and cultural barriers. These experiences form a bond that is global in scope and cohesiveness.

Through this seemingly limitless and unifying power, sporting events are utilized in a number of ways to provide positive societal impact. The appeal of team sports goes way beyond the game, and so does GreenFields’ vision.

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    To bring innovation and quality to sports turf technology for the good of both the players and the game by continually developing new high-tech turf systems.

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    At GreenFields, we do not want to be just another supplier of synthetic turf products. We want to produce products with true value-added appeal and deliver those products in a wa...

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    When GreenFields decided it was time to expand into the United States, we did so with confidence. We knew that while we were still a relatively small player in our industry, we ha...
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