When GreenFields decided it was time to expand into the United States, we did so with confidence. We knew that while we were still a relatively small player in our industry, we had several things working in our favor. We have the best team for research and development that any company could want, we have solid leadership in place, and we have work with some of the world’s best building professionals. Since 2003, our company has installed well over 2500 sports fields throughout the world – an impressive record in such a short amount of time! We also have a powerful partnership in TenCate®.

Some of locations where we have built give compelling testimony to the quality and durability of our products. The fields we produce perform well even under different weather and climate conditions. We have built athletic fields parts of Africa that are prone to severe drought as well as parts of Asia where the climates are very wet. When building in places such as Russia and Scandinavia, we had to take into consideration the cold and frost. All of these fields were expertly installed and hold up year after year under what are often harsh conditions.

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    To bring innovation and quality to sports turf technology for the good of both the players and the game by continually developing new high-tech turf systems.

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    At GreenFields, we do not want to be just another supplier of synthetic turf products. We want to produce products with true value-added appeal and deliver those products in a wa...

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    One of the many things that sets the sports world apart is how it unifies, thrills, challenges and inspires people. The thrill of victory and agony of defeat are languages which ...
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